A Typical Day

At Pilgrim Day Camp a typical day is focused on FUN. Each group has an individual schedule every day. It changes every day.  It is assigned to the group based on age and activity level.

Younger Camp Ages 3-5

Director ~ Debbie

Groups~ Hearth House, Plymouth House, Pilgrim House, Block Hill, and Birch Hill

A typical day: Click Here for A Typical Day Flyer

Middle Camp Ages 6-9.5

Directors ~ Mark and Kristen

Groups~ Quarry Hill, Banner Hollow, Pine Notch, Maple Ridge

A Typical Day: Download Middle Camp Typical Day Here

Upper Camp Ages 9-13

Director Rob

Groups~ Shady Woods, Badger Knoll, White Pines, Rocky Ridge

A Typical Day:

Spirit Calendars

Every week campers will receive a special spirit calendar.  It’s a way to unify everyone throughout the camp with fun and wacky things to do or wear.  Every week we will send your child home with the calendar and post to our Instagram and Facebook page.  These spirit days are optional but encouraged for campers and staff to participate.  Here is an example of our calendar from last summer (these dates are from 2018)

Special Days

These “Special Days” take place the last day of the week. It includes a unique morning of fun activities related to the special day. In the afternoon the kids have a cookout (no need to bring a lunch) and sundaes after a long free swim.  It’s our way of having one last hurrah. Here are the Special Days for 2019 to help you schedule your time at PDC.

Every Friday the entire camp enjoys a camp cookout.  Hot Dogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chips, juice, salad, and of course make your own sundae.  Free swim in the afternoon.  Fridays are days that no one wants to miss.