Updated FAQS June 2023

Registration opens JANUARY 29TH at noon

Swim Program

My child has never had swim lessons, I’m nervous!

We understand pool safety is a big fear for parents. We have a non-swimmer pool for all inexperienced swimmers. We give simple tests to evaluate each child’s swim level at the start of each week for new campers. For every swim lesson we work on basic swim instructions. During Free Swim there are sections for kids to stay in based on their level to keep them safe. By the end of the summer they will be swimming like fishies!

Do you have swim instruction?

YES! Instructional Swim (based on the American Red Cross Swim levels) is required for campers. 

Can my child use swim bubbles or floaties?
We do not allow children to bring floating devices. We have a non swimming pool for inexperienced or non swimmers.

We also provide kickboards and barbells for swim lessons so they can learn the proper way to float and kick!

How much time are kids in the in the water for?
Each swim period is 45 minutes. Each group gets two periods of swim a day. The first period is dedicated to lessons. The second period in the afternoon is free swim.

All PDC Campers, regardless of age, have a daily free swim and will be assessed when first starting Camp.

Does my child need to bring towels?

Yes! All campers need to bring one towel. Please label!