Nature Explorers Drop Off Classes

Swim Program

We pride ourselves in the quality of our swim program, which emphasizes small class sizes and individual progress.

Pilgrim Day Camp offers two beautiful swimming pools:
• One pool has a diving section, swimming lanes, and a beginner pool.
• A second pool – with a depth of 1-3 feet – is strictly for non-swimmers.

Children are tested the first day of a session and placed in levels appropriate to American Red Cross standards. The pool is staffed by certified instructors.

Half Day Program

Half days are a great opportunity to have your little one experience the joys of camp in a smaller chunk of time.  Half Days require a full week registration of MTWTF.  All half day campers will be picked up BEFORE lunch.  Pick-ups will happen at Edward’s house promptly at 12:00.

It is also only available for children 3 and 4. We do not mix and match full and half days.

Hours: 8:45- 12:00 PM
Half Day – Ages 3 and 4 year olds ONLY
Pricing: Session 1 $360 / Sessions 2-4 $400 per session

2023 Camper In Training Program:


Our camper is training program is designed to allow our long time, loyal campers an opportunity to continue with us and to learn how to be an effective counselor.  Applicants to our C.I.T. program must have at least two years of camping experience with us at Pilgrim Day Camp, and a desire to work with children.

Typical Day in our C.I.T. Program

C.I.T.’s are assigned to a unit in camp.  They are there to learn and assist the paid staff with the campers.  This happens every morning through the lunch period.  After lunch C.I.T.’s meet with Tom Woods, who directs the C.I.T. program, where they discuss the morning’s activities. The C.I.T.’s then have an activity together before they head off to a free swim in the afternoon.

This program provides a fun and educational program for all those campers who want one more summer with us before they have the opportunity to become assistant counselors.  Applicants are 14 years old as of June 1st.

We trust that this combination of responsibility and fun will be a stepping-stone towards young adulthood.

*There are no minimum weeks; however we do evaluate CITs performances to be considered for next year.

Extended Day options:

Extended Day is a great option to add onto your registration. You must sign up for the entire session for either options or both!

Extended AM: Campers can get dropped off between 7:45 AM – 8:35 AM at Middle Parking lot. Once the camper arrives and signs in, they have tons of options to play and start their day! We have activities, barn animals to play feed, and open activities for kids to choose from. It’s mixed ages and anyone can sign up!

Extended PM: Some kids ask for Extended PM just so they can stay longer and play with their friends. At Extended Day we provide a snack and an optional extra free swim! You can pick up at any time from 4-6 PM. You don’t need to call to let us know when you are arriving, but if your child likes to swim a lot and you need them out of the pool fast you can always send us a message via REMINI to let us know.