Swim Program

We pride ourselves in the quality of our swim program, which emphasizes small class sizes and individual progress.

Pilgrim Day Camp offers two beautiful swimming pools:

  • One pool has a diving section, swimming lanes, and a beginner pool.
  • A second pool – with a depth of 1-3 feet – is strictly for non-swimmers.

Children are tested the first day of a session and placed in levels appropriate to American Red Cross standards. The pool is staffed by certified instructors.

Free Family Swim Plan
Enroll your children in a total of eight weeks and receive a free family membership at our pool! Membership allows families to use the pool during scheduled hours after camp and on weekends.

Camper In Training Program:

We are excited about our updated C.I.T. program, designed to help young teens transition from life as a camper to the more responsible role of prospective camp counselor.

Young people age 14 and entering 9th grade will be eligible to participate in the CIT program. In the mornings, CITs will work as assistants in units for our middle and younger-aged children. After lunch, they will focus on having fun together, taking part in their own activities such as athletics, free swims, as well as hosting and helping to facilitate ‘Enrichment’ periods for younger campers. CIT units will be rotated periodically to ensure exposure to different age groups, dynamics and abilities.

As their morning focus will be on helping each young camper to have a great PDC experience, requests for CITs to be placed with one another in groups will not be facilitated. Our afternoon CIT recreational time will provide ample opportunity for CITs to socialize. Please note that this program is not a guarantee of future employment at Pilgrim Day Camp, due to high enrollment and staffing restrictions. In past years CIT enrollment has approached 40 children, with an average of 15-20 open Assistant counselor positions the following year.

We trust that this combination of responsibility and fun will be a stepping-stone towards young adulthood.

Enrichment Program:

Campers 7 years and older can design their day, slanting their activities towards areas of interest. Each morning unit leaders will inform the group of which activities will be available that day. Examples include outdoor cooking, BMX bike riding, sand volleyball, jewelry making and much more!