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Speciality Days

These “Special Days” take place the last day of the session. It includes a unique morning of fun activities. In the afternoon the kids have a cookout (no need to bring a lunch) and sundaes after a long free swim.  It’s our way of having one last hurrah at the end of the session. For the first time ever, we are posting the days in advance to help you plan your summer!

Session 1- Red White and Blue Day.   Celebrate the 4th of July with many All-American games and fun activities

Session 2- Carnival Day.  Carnival Games and rides. Dunk Tank, water activities, Fun, Fun, Fun!

Session 3- Olympic Day- Games and races.  Fun Events- Archery Contests, sack races and so much more.  Traditional Fun for sure!!!

Session 4- The Best of the Summer of 2018!  Participate in all the highlights of the summer.  Color Wars, Carnival games, Olympic Contests, the Best of Everything!!

Every Friday the entire camp enjoys a camp cookout.  Hot Dogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chips, juice, salad, and of course make your own sundae.  Free swim in the afternoon.  Fridays are days that no one wants to miss.


Swim Program

We pride ourselves in the quality of our swim program, which emphasizes small class sizes and individual progress.

Pilgrim Day Camp offers two beautiful swimming pools:

  • One pool has a diving section, swimming lanes, and a beginner pool.
  • A second pool – with a depth of 1-3 feet – is strictly for non-swimmers.

Children are tested the first day of a session and placed in levels appropriate to American Red Cross standards. The pool is staffed by certified instructors.

Free Family Swim Plan
Enroll your children in a total of eight weeks and receive a free family membership at our pool! Membership allows families to use the pool during scheduled hours after camp and on weekends.


Camper In Training Program:


Our camper is training program is designed to allow our long time, loyal campers an opportunity to continue with us and to learn how to be an effective counselor.  Applicants to our C.I.T. program must have at least two years of camping experience with us at Pilgrim Day Camp, and a desire to work with children.

Typical Day in our C.I.T. Program

C.I.T.’s are assigned to a unit in camp.  They are there to learn and assist the paid staff with the campers.  This happens every morning through the lunch period.  After lunch C.I.T.’s meet with Tom Woods, who directs the C.I.T. program, where they discuss the morning’s activities. The C.I.T.’s then have an activity together before they head off to a free swim in the afternoon.

This program provides a fun and educational program for all those campers who want one more summer with us before they have the opportunity to become assistant counselors.  Applicants usually are entering the ninth grade and are 14 years old.

We trust that this combination of responsibility and fun will be a stepping-stone towards young adulthood.

Enrichment Program:

Campers 7 years and older can design their day, slanting their activities towards areas of interest. Each morning unit leaders will inform the group of which activities will be available that day. Examples include outdoor cooking, BMX bike riding, sand volleyball, jewelry making and much more!