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New-Single Week Sessions!



Sibling Discount: 5%

We do not offer individual day pricing or customized scheduling. 

We do not offer individual days for Extended AM or PM. 

4th of July week

How do I enroll my child?


Enrollments are taken on a First-Come, First-Served basis. Applications are dated in the order they are received by this office. Applications that are hand delivered will be placed with the following day’s mail. Enrollment must be for five days per week; is based on a 5- day- per- week enrollment basis; we are unable to accommodate partial-week or daily schedules. Camper placement is at the judgment of the Director and Registrar.

Application and Deposit: A separate application must be completed for each child. Each application, per child, must include a deposit of $50 per week, per child, and a $30 registration fee per child.

Example: 4 weeks = $200 deposit + $30 registration fee per child. The deposit is deductible from the tuition.

  • Please check your email for your invoice and welcome letter immediately.
  • You will receive cabin assignments by early June.
  • If your request isn’t fulfilled you will receive a wait list confirmation immediately. We take registrations until we are full.
  • After applications are processed, parents will receive a confirmation in the form of an invoice. This will be emailed to you. This is the only bill you will receive unless there are extenuating circumstances. You must log in to campbrain portal to pay your tuition. Payment is due in full by May 20th.