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Memorial Day – August
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September – Memorial Day


1 Badger Road, Framingham, MA 01702


Memorial Day – August


September – Memorial Day

After School Program

Looking for afterschool care in the Metrowest area? You’re in luck! The Pilgrim Day Camp Family Center is offering after school care from 2:30-6:00 (start time dependent on when your local elementary school gets out).  At PDC we believe that just because summer is over, doesn’t mean the fun needs to end. At our after school program, children discover nature through hands-on exploration, active movement, outdoor play, crafts, and more. Interact and play with kids of various ages and from various towns. Plus we will assist kids with homework assignments and provide a snack as well!

A recent study has shown: “Outdoor education and play support emotional, behavioral and intellectual development. Studies have shown that students who learn outdoors develop: a sense of self, independence, confidence, creativity, decision-making and problem-solving skills, empathy towards others, motor skills, self-discipline and initiative.”*

At our After School Care kids will be able to learn and play outside. Work with one another and learn all while having fun.

Who We are:

We are a passionate and dedicated team committed to providing an exceptional after-school program that focuses on outdoor recreation and academic support. With years of experience and a shared love for education and the great outdoors, we strive to create a nurturing and enriching environment where children can thrive.

At our program, we believe in the power of outdoor experiences to inspire curiosity, foster personal growth, and ignite a lifelong love for nature. Our team of experienced educators and outdoor enthusiasts are driven by a common goal: to help children develop essential life skills, improve academic performance, and cultivate a deep appreciation for the environment.

We pride ourselves on offering a well-balanced program that combines structured academic support with exciting outdoor activities. Our skilled instructors provide personalized attention, assisting students with their homework and guiding them through challenging concepts. Simultaneously, we create opportunities for students to explore the natural world, engage in physical fitness, and develop valuable teamwork and problem-solving skills.

We understand that each child is unique, with their own talents, interests, and learning styles. That’s why we tailor our approach to meet individual needs, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment where every child feels valued and empowered.

As a team, we are dedicated to continuous improvement and staying up-to-date with the latest educational practices. We are committed to ongoing professional development, ensuring that we provide the highest quality instruction and maintain a safe and enriching program for our students.

Join us on this exciting journey of discovery, growth, and adventure. Together, we can inspire the young minds of today to become the confident, well-rounded leaders of tomorrow.


Welcome to our outdoor-focused after-school program, where adventure and exploration await! Our philosophy revolves around the belief that connecting with nature and engaging in outdoor recreation not only enhances physical fitness but also nurtures holistic development, fostering a deep appreciation for the environment and instilling valuable life skills.

At our after-school program, we are passionate about the boundless opportunities for growth and learning that the great outdoors provide. We believe that immersing children in nature’s wonders stimulates their curiosity, ignites their imagination, and encourages them to develop a sense of wonder and respect for the natural world.

Through a carefully crafted curriculum, we offer a diverse range of outdoor activities and experiences designed to promote physical fitness, mental well-being, and personal growth. From hiking and camping to team sports and nature exploration, our program encourages children to challenge themselves, develop resilience, and cultivate a sense of adventure.

We strive to create a supportive and inclusive environment where children can develop their physical skills, build confidence, and forge meaningful connections with their peers. Our experienced instructors and mentors guide them through various outdoor challenges, fostering teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving abilities.

In addition to the benefits of physical activity, our outdoor-focused program emphasizes environmental education and sustainability. We aim to instill a deep appreciation for nature’s wonders and a sense of responsibility for its conservation. Through hands-on activities, environmental projects, and discussions on ecological principles, we inspire young environmental stewards who are committed to protecting and preserving our planet.

By immersing children in outdoor recreation and connecting them with the natural world, our program encourages a lifelong love for nature and healthy lifestyles. We believe that through outdoor exploration, children gain invaluable experiences, develop important skills, and forge lasting memories that will shape their lives positively.

Join our outdoor-focused after-school program, where the wonders of nature come alive, and the spirit of adventure thrives. Discover the joy of outdoor recreation, the thrill of exploration, and the transformative power of nature. Embark on an extraordinary journey with us today!

Our Classroom

We are so excited to have 113 Acres as our outdoor classroom, but we will also have an indoor space as well. We’re excited to announce that we will be using the big Red Barn as our classroom and indoor playground. It will be completely redesigned to have loud and quiet spaces. We will have quiet classroom type spaces for students to complete their work and receive help from our staff.


1. Foster a love for outdoor recreation: Introduce students to the joys and benefits of outdoor activities, encouraging them to engage in physical fitness, explore nature, and develop a lifelong appreciation for the outdoors. Promote a healthy balance between academic work and outdoor recreation to enhance overall well-being.

2. Academic support and improvement: Assist students with their school work, providing a structured environment where they can receive guidance, homework help, and additional academic resources. Set goals to improve academic performance and help students develop effective study habits and organizational skills.

3. Enhance critical thinking and problem-solving skills: Incorporate outdoor activities and challenges that require students to think critically, analyze situations, and develop creative solutions. Help them build problem-solving skills that can be applied both in academics and outdoor settings.

4. Develop time management and prioritization skills: Teach students how to effectively manage their time, prioritize tasks, and balance their academic responsibilities with outdoor recreation. Set goals for improved time management and help students establish routines that optimize their productivity.

5. Encourage teamwork and collaboration: Provide opportunities for students to work together in outdoor settings, promoting teamwork, communication, and cooperation. Engage them in group projects and outdoor activities that require collaboration, helping them develop essential interpersonal skills.

6. Cultivate self-confidence and resilience: Support students in building self-confidence and resilience by challenging them in outdoor activities and assisting them in overcoming obstacles. Encourage a growth mindset, where failures are seen as learning opportunities and perseverance is valued.

7. Nurture a sense of environmental stewardship: Instill a deep appreciation for the natural world and a sense of responsibility for its preservation. Teach students about environmental issues, promote sustainable practices, and engage them in eco-friendly projects and initiatives.

8. Enhance social and emotional development: Provide a supportive and inclusive environment where students can build positive relationships, express themselves, and develop social and emotional skills. Offer opportunities for reflection, self-expression, and discussions on topics related to personal growth and well-being.

Start Date

September 6, 2023


2:45-6 PM (Start time depends on your local school’s end time)

Typical Schedule

Each day will follow a similar format. Please note that you are allowed to pickup your child at any time. For a faster pickup, please message our staff to let them know if you will be picking up earlier than your usual time.

1. Arrival and Snack Time 

• We’ll drop off our backpacks inside the Red Barn and then head outside for a snack.

2. Playground free time
3.Backpack organization and Homework Time 

• Provide guidance and support as needed, offering assistance with homework questions or concepts they may be struggling with.
• Create a quiet and organized space for students to organize their backpacks and go over their school agendas.

4. Outdoor Recreation 

• Offer options such as sports, nature walks, gardening, scavenger hunts, or environmental projects.
• Rotate activities to provide a diverse range of experiences throughout the week.
• Engage students in a variety of outdoor activities that promote physical fitness, exploration, and teamwork.

5. Academic Enrichment 

• Offer educational games, STEM projects, creative writing exercises, or hands-on experiments to deepen learning.

6. Indoor Play/Outdoor Enrichment

• Students can choose to either play inside at our indoor playground or outside. We also have options for rest, brain breaks, and reaching spaces.

7. Wrap-up and Departure 

• Provide a brief overview of the day’s activities, upcoming events, or any announcements.
• Allow time for students to gather their belongings and prepare for departure.


Framingham Residents: If you attend all 5 days of our after school program, Framingham Public School will have their school buses drop off your child at our after school program! Click here to see more information from the Framingham transportation website.

Ashland Residents- Half of our property is located in Ashland, we are working on getting a bus stop at our site- please stand by!

All other towns, we want to work with you as best as we can to get your children to our after school program.  Can’t get to our program right after school? That’s ok! We can work with that- e-mail us.

If there are multiple families thinking about attending our program, we can help with carpooling or we can consider getting a van to help with transportation. We want everyone to come to our after school program and we will do our best to get you here.


Coming Soon

Early releases and professional development days

We plan to be open for early releases and professional development days depending on enrollment. We will default to Framingham Public School system in the meantime. Lunches will not be provided but we will have snack! These days will have an extra fee for the longer hours.


You can customize the days you want to send your child. Reminder that Framingham buses can drop your child off  if you enroll in after schoool program 5 days a week.

Sibling Discount- 5%


Price Per Day

Price For The Week

1 Day$43$43
2 Days a week$40$80
3 Days a week$35$105
4 Days a week$33$132
5 Days a week$30$150
We understand that finding quality childcare at an affordable price is a priority for parents. We are delighted to offer an after-school program that not only provides exceptional care and enrichment but also comes at a significantly lower cost compared to hiring a babysitter.

Our program offers a wide range of benefits and experiences tailored specifically for your child’s growth and development. From academic support to outdoor recreation and everything in between, we strive to create a comprehensive and engaging program that nurtures their potential.

We recognize the financial considerations families face when seeking reliable care. That’s why we are proud to offer our services at a highly competitive rate. By choosing our after-school program, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your child is receiving top-notch care and educational support while saving significantly compared to the cost of an individual babysitter.

In addition to the financial savings, our program provides a structured environment with experienced and trained staff who are dedicated to the well-being and growth of your child. We take pride in our team’s expertise and the diverse range of activities and learning opportunities we provide, all at a fraction of the cost of hiring a babysitter.

We believe that quality care and enrichment should be accessible and affordable for all families. Our commitment to offering exceptional value for the price ensures that your child receives the care they deserve while staying within your budget.

We invite you to explore our program further and discover how our affordable rates, coupled with our comprehensive approach to after-school care, can benefit both you and your child. Contact us today to learn more and secure a spot in our program.


What should my child bring?

Clothing for the outdoors and fall/winter elements. You can even have your own cubby here and keep your outdoor clothes stored here to make it easy!

Your school work/homework if you have any. We can give you time to complete your work or assist with any upcoming project.


Will food be provided?
Peanut free snacks will be provided daily
Where is pick up and drop – off?

All pickup and dropoff will be at our the red barn which is our new Family Center

Will staff be the same from the summer?

Some of your favorite staff members will be there!

My child never attended PDC in the summer, are they still allowed to come?
Of course! All new campers are welcome!
Weather Policy

We will be following the Framingham Public Schools calendar for weather-related snow days. 

Please send in more questions and we will be adding them here!


Are you ready to register, e-mail us and we will get started on your registration. Do you have questions? E-mail us and we will get back to you ASAP!