White Pines Session 4 Day 4

The first thing we did this morning was make doughboys at adventure craft. John also told one of his famous scary stories! Who doesn’t love a nice campfire, some food, and a scary story?!? In the afternoon, we made bouncy balls out of slime at arts and crafts. The slime can be made into a ton of different colors and is super fun to play with. Once it dries it will become a bouncy ball! The special day today was crazy hair and socks day. So many people came in dressed up, it was fantastic. My favorite moment of the day was playing capture the flag at athletics. Capture the flag is just a classic game that is always fun. We also got a chance to play mini golf which PDC has turned into a hole in one competition between the groups. I think White Pines is going to pull out the victory!!! The special day tomorrow is cookout. We will provide burgers, hot dogs, sundaes, chips, salads, and lemonade.

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