White Pines Session 4 Day 2

This morning the schedule was a little different due to the heat. We had one activity in the morning followed by slip and slide and a long swim. First, we had gaga ball. We were at gaga ball for about 45 minutes before switching over to the slip and slide. After slip and slide we went right into the pool until lunch. After lunch, we had PA. We split into two groups and either used the tire swings/peanut butter pit or went down the new zipline. My favorite moment of the day was rating jumps off the diving board during second swim. A group of campers wanted me to rate their dives and other creative jumps. We turned it into a friendly competition. The special day tomorrow is Pirate Day. Make sure to wear your best pirate gear. The kind moment of the day was Jake offering to fill Ben and Eric’s water bottle since he was already heading in that direction. He didn’t have to do it but he did. Great job Jake!

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