White Pines Session 4 Day 1

The first thing we did this morning was athletics with John. The heat made it hard to stay in the sun so we moved into a shady area to play gaga ball and 9 square. John even added some new rules as we played to keep it interesting! We also went to 1620 to start off the day. At 1620 we rode bikes, played horse and knockout, played ping pong, and played video games. Weston won the game of Horse and Alex/Eric each won a game of knockout! My favorite moment of the day was taking some of the campers of a hike to the old Senior Division site in the woods. I used to walk there everyday for lunch and it was cool to show them some of the stuff we used to do as campers. The special day tomorrow is water fun day. We will be setting up the slip and slide and having long swims due to the heat. Max Hager gets the brave camper shout out for climbing a rock during PA. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to but decided to try it anyway and it went great!

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