White Pines Session 4 8/15

The first thing we did this morning was arts and crafts. Today was a pick a craft day since it is one of the last days to make a craft. Most kids wanted to make gimp, candles, or fuse beads.  Next, at athletics we played gator ball, nuke em, and lacrosse. Gator ball is a mix between handball and soccer. It is a great game to play because everyone can get involved. Next, we played nuke em or lacrosse.The special day today was Earth Day. For Earth Day, we cleaned up our sites to make it as though no one had been there during the summer since the trails are used for hiking during the fall and spring. My favorite moment of the day was the glee performance. This past week some of the campers have been practicing a glee performance and they got to perform it today. It was amazing! There was song and dance and everyone enjoyed it. The special day tomorrow is Challenge Day! Come ready to compete!!!

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