White Pines Session 4 8/13

Luckily, the rain held off and we were able to keep a normal schedule today. First we had 1620. Most kids stayed outside to ride bikes or play basketball. The rest of the group played ping pong, shuffleboard, air hockey, and video games inside. Next we had athletics. For athletics, we played soccer and dodgeball. Two absolute classics! The special day today was the start of week 8. Let’s make this the best week of camp! My favorite moment of the day was playing mini golf during enrichment. There is a camp wide competition to see which group can get the most holes in one. White Pines made a slight comeback this afternoon! The special day tomorrow is Country Western Day. Make sure to dress like a cowboy and sing to the best country playlist you’ve ever heard by zack_mcd. Elder gets the kind moment of the day because he spent the whole day picking up trash whenever he saw pieces. Nobody asked him to pick up trash, he just decided he was going to clean up the camp today. Great job Elder!

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