White Pines Session 3 Day 5

This morning we had 1620. At 1620 we played a bunch of fun games. There was also the option to go down to the gaga pit or play soccer at athletics. At adventure craft, we made s’mores and John told ghost stories. He told a story about a girl in a blue wind breaker and another about a Mary Poppins type nanny that lived near camp. They were super scary! Today’s special day was cookout. We had burgers, hot dogs, salad, chips, and lemonade. We also had sundaes. My favorite moment of the day was playing basketball at 1620 with the birthday boy Jackson and Justin. The special day for Monday is the start of Olympic Week. Each kid will get assigned a team with a color. There will be competitions all week. It was great to see everyone sing Happy Birthday for Jackson.

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