White Pines Session 3 Day 3

This morning we had 1620. At 1620 we played basketball, video games, and rode bikes. At arts and crafts, we made paper mache bowls and played board games. We played Connect 4, chess, trouble, and monopoly. Everybody choose the game they wanted to play. The special day today was Fiesta Day. For Fiesta Day, we had a pinata, candy, and chips and salsa. After lunch, we divided the candy equally and then everyone got a swing at the pinata. My favorite moment of the day was when Eric swung at the pinata. He knocked the pinata straight off where we hung and we had to rehang it and start over. It was hilarious! The special day tomorrow is Favorite Sports Team Day. Everyone should wear their best Boston sports apparel. The kind moment of the day was when Justin, Landey, and Connor helped put the bikes and basketballs away at 1620.

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