White Pines Session 3 Day 2

One fun thing we did this morning was go on a hike. We hiked up into the woods with John Haycock to pick blueberries. There is a giant patch in the woods of blueberries that are safe to eat. At arts and sports, we made boxes with wood. Every camper had a chance to make a box with Marie. They came out great! The special day today was Tattoo Tuesday. We provided temporary tattoos to anybody who wanted. There were Incredibles 2, sharks, and flower tattoos. My favorite moment of the day was playing gaga ball. After lunch, we had a big group game of gaga ball. The kids can’t get enough! Another amazing moment was playing basketball with Alex and Jackson during enrichment. The special day tomorrow is Fiesta Day!!! It was fun watching Lauren teach Amy tricks on different gymnastic moves such as the backhand string and kart wheels.

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