White Pines Session 3 Day 1

The first thing we did this morning was 1620. We played basketball, rode bikes, and played indoor games such as ping pong and shuffleboard. After that we went to athletics. At athletics, we did a circuit rotation of soccer games. The first station was a competitive game called soccer bowling. Two players compete to try and knock a soccer ball off a cone by passing another ball at it. The next station was 3v3 soccer games with cones for the goal. Both games were extremely fun. The special day today was the start of session 3. We made new friends and caught up with old ones. My favorite moment of the day was doing the 3 line bridge and gaga ball at adventure craft. The special day tomorrow is Tattoo Tuesday. We will provide tattoos for all the kids. Amy and Meredtih were helpful all day with cleaning up after lunch and after popsicles.

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