White Pines Session 3 8/2

At athletics this morning we went to lower divide to stay out of the sun. We played hockey, 9 square, and gaga ball for Olympic point. Sunburnia won a thriller in overtime of the hockey game to win 200 points!!! At adventure craft we made doughboys. By putting dough around a stick and roasting it over the fire you can make a delicious snack. Add butter and cinnamon or powered sugar to add extra flavor. The special day today was Hawaiian Day. It was great to see everyone dressed up. For Hawaiian Day we had a special sand dessert made of vanilla pudding, crushed graham crackers, and Swedish fish. We also listened to my Hawaiian Reggae/Island Songs playlist all day long. Give the playlist a follow on Spotify for some great tunes. My favorite moment of the day was doing races during popsicles. Since we had some time to kill before swim, we held races around 1620. Anyone who wanted could join in all sorts of races. It was a blast! The special day tomorrow is Olympic Day!!! Make sure to wear the color assigned to your color as we will be competing for Olympic points all morning. The winner will be announced during cookout. Lunch will still be provided.

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