White Pines Session 3 8/1

This morning at athletics we played dodgeball, soccer, and wiffleball. We split up into Olympic teams and competed in all three events for Olympic points! I cannot wait until Friday when it is Olympic Day. At arts and sports, the kids finished the wooden crafts they started yesterday. Today they used nails and rubber bands to make a design. Some made their initials and others just made designs but they all looked great. My favorite moment of the day was Aidan, Tyler, Grady, and Alejandro wearing capes all day long that they had made in the morning at arts and crafts. They were wearing green capes for Poisonivia. The special day tomorrow is Hawaiian Day. Dress in your best Hawaiian gear. Since White Pines is the best group we will be listening to Hawaiian Reggae all day long to make the day even better! The kind moment of the day was Alejandro fixing the bike for Jackson.

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