White Pines Session 3 7/31

The first thing we did this morning was go on a hike at adventure craft. We hiked up to see the abandoned car that is rumored to have a haunted past! At arts and sports, the kids painted pieces of wood for the first step of the craft. Next time we have arts and sports we will be putting nails and patterns with string onto the board. The special day today was double dare Tuesday. For double dare we played competition games group vs. group. White Pines faced off against Rocky Ridge in limbo, pictionary, hula hoop battles, headstand battles, and tennis ball shooting. It was a great way to end the day. My favorite moment of the day was doing the tire swings during PA. Everyone tried their best and it was great to see people try again and again when they weren’t able to complete it the first time. The special day tomorrow is tie dye day. Bring in a white shirt if you would like to make something tie dye.

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