White Pines Session 3 7/30

The first thing we did this morning was 1620. We played basketball, ping pong, video games, and air hockey. It was super fun! At athletics, we split up into three groups and rotated through activities. The first activity was a soccer game using dodgeballs. The second activity was scoop lacrosse. And the third activity was matball. Every activity involved a lot of running which was a perfect way to heat up before swim. The special day today was the start of Olympic Week. We found out our teams and will be competing in games for Olympic points throughout the week. My favorite moment of the day was PA. We split into our Olympic teams and competed in four activities for points. We did the tire swings for completion, the peanut butter pit for time, the wall for time, and the bear crawl for height. The special day tomorrow is Double Dare Tuesday. We will have activities for Olympic points throughout the day. Justin Buckley was the brave camper of the day by attempting to do the peanut butter pit and completing it for the first time. Ellen, Aidan, Tyler, Meredtih, James, and Justin get the kind moment of the day by working together the best throughout the day. They make up Poisonivia and worked as a team better than any other team.

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