White Pines Session 2 Day 8

One fun thing we did this morning was go down to lower divide to play gaga ball and 9 square. The kids had a blast and got nice and hot for swim. Today for PJ day, we made breakfast in the woods. We made eggs and sausages and made breakfast burritos. While the food was cooking we made forts and used the peanut butter pit. Everyone wore their best PJs for the special day today along with the breakfast.  My favorite moment of the day was finding a salamander during lunch. Everyone gathered around to take a look. The special day tomorrow is the Talent Show. If you have a talent you would like to share, tomorrow is the day to show it. Today Ben and Nir worked together really well while building their fort for the fort competition. Can’t wait to see everyone’s talent tomorrow. Hopefully someone can teach me their talent too!

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