White Pines Session 2 Day 8

At athletics, we played gold ball and dodgeball. Gold ball is a game with 4 teams, kind of like capture the flag, where the objective is to steal as many tennis balls form other teams as possible. If you are on another team’s side you can be tagged out. At adventure craft, we did leather burning, the group sign, and fire making! Madeleine, Eva, and Ellen all painted the sign for White Pines and it looks amazing. It was great to see everyone work together to start fires using the sun. Tyler, Will, and Jackson were all able to start fires. Ben, Nir, and Eric all made a lot of smoke and even got some baby flames to light. Nir also helped Andrew with his fire. The special day today was Talent Show Thursday. Mary Kate, Golda, and Landey performed the dance they had been working on for the last two weeks in front of upper during the flag pole ceremonies. It was awesome! The best part of the day was watching the play. Campers who wanted to perform went to the play every day in the morning. The performance of Beauty and the Beast came out amazing. Parents come watch tomorrow at 1! The special day tomorrow is carnival and cookout. We will provide lunch and sundaes!!!

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