White Pines Session 2 Day 5

This morning we had athletics with Chaz. We played a huge game of gladiator ball. Gladiator ball is a PDC special. It’s a mix of capture the flag and dodgeball. About halfway through the period, we had a water break and then went to archery. Next, at adventure craft, we made doughboys. After doughboys, some of the group worked on the group sign that we will hang outside the campsite. The special day today was cookout. We had burgers, hot dogs, chips, salad, and lemonade. It was delicious!!! My favorite moment of the day was Landey, Golda, and Mary Kate practicing their dance for next week’s talent show. The dance goes to the song House Party. There is no special day tomorrow since it is the weekend but we cannot wait for the start of Week 4. There were tons of kind moments today. First at adventure craft, Tyler helped Madeleine with her doughboy. Also at adventure craft, Alex, Justin, and Connor helped to keep the fire alive long enough for everyone to make doughboys. Enjoy your weekend and we’ll See everyone on Monday!

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