White Pines Session 2 Day 4

This morning at Adventure Craft we all tried lighting fires with flint. A few kids were able to catch the piece of lint on fire, but nobody gave up. We also made bracelets with string! At arts and crafts, we finished the concrete tile crafts and made fuse beads. The concrete tiles came out great! The special day today was Totally Rad Thursday. Everybody dressed up in their best 80s gear and we sang (if you can call it singing) to our favorite throwback jams. My favorite moment of the day was enrichment. The options were lower elements at PA, water polo, and mat ball. Every option was amazing, I don’t know how anyone was able to choose just one. The special day tomorrow is cookout! You don’t need to bring a lunch as food will be provided. A great thing that happened today was at athletics, we played a giant group game of flag football which was amazing. Everyone got nice and hot right before swim. Swim was tons of fun and it was a nice break from the heat.

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