White Pines Session 2 Day 3

The first thing we did this morning was make  concrete crafts at arts and crafts! Using concrete, the campers could use letters and symbols to make a design. Once they dry the campers will bring them home but I can tell you now, they all look amazing! Next, at athletics, we played mat ball. Mat ball is a kickball style game, except you have to go around the bases twice. There was a lot of running which was perfect since we had swim right after! The special day today was water fun day. At enrichment, those who chose to were able to use water balloons and play like games like drip, drip, drop.  My favorite moment of the day was making ice cream with Cait! The special day tomorrow is Totally Rad Thursday so make sure to wear your best 80s clothing. Another great moment of the day was all the girls working on crafts together at arts and crafts. They all helped each other find letters they needed and gave suggestions on what else might look good.

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