White Pines Session 2 Day 2

The first thing we did this morning was make doughboys at adventure craft. Before we cooked, the campers set up the fire and played a compass scavenger hunt while the counselors lit the fire. At arts and sports, we made pottery for the craft. We also played gaga ball. Each activity was half the period. The special day today was hat and shades day. There were a lot of cool hats and even cooler shades. B-)  My favorite moment of the day was Connor pulling up in a Flash t-shirt! Another great moment was when Colby showed the group a bunch of songs to listen to throughout the day. This afternoon at PA, some of us tried out the zipline. We installed a new longer zipline this year and it was incredible!!! The special day tomorrow is water fun day. We will play water oriented games all day to stay cool. The kind moment of the day was everyone sharing tips on how they cook the their perfect doughboy.

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