White Pines Session 1 Day 2

This morning we had adventure craft with Jason. Since it is the beginning of the summer and Earth Day, we needed to clean out the camp sites. Kids were able to rake, move sticks to make a path, and start thinking of ideas for forts for the campsite competition. At arts and sports, we made pottery. Every kid was given clay and able to make whatever they wanted. Some made bowls and some made other designs. Andrew made a peace sign on a hand for his project. My favorite moment was seeing how engaged every camper was while cleaning the site. Everyone was excited to make the campsite look amazing. Tomorrows special day is tie dye. Don’t forget to bring something white if you want to participate. Today’s brave moment was when Golda conquered her fear of jumping off the diving board during swim lessons. It was great to see how happy Golda was after she was able to jump off. The kind moment of the day was when Jackson gave his rake to Evan who had been waiting for one. All around, it was a great day filled with laughter and good times. We’re off to a great start this year.

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