White Pines / Badger Knoll Session 1 Day 6

One fun thing we did this morning was dodge ball with Chaz! However, instead of doing it in the field we found a nice shady spot where we could still stay active. Next we had 1620 where we played basketball, air hockey, ping pong, and video games. We also played a few name games so we could meet all the new campers! My favorite moment of the day was knockout and gagaball! Everyone got really into the games even with the heat! This afternoon we have project adventure. We are all very excited because the brand new high elements were just put in! So catch us in the trees! Our groups kind moment of the day was when Maya and Ethan helped pick up the dodge balls without being asked. Great job Ethan and Maya! Swim today was amazing! With the heat jumping in felt so good! It helped really cool us off! Tomorrows special day is Town Pride Day! So if you have any town spirit feel free to wear it. We all can’t wait to see the apparel.

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