White Pines / Badger Knoll Session 1 Day 7

The first thing we did this morning was Adventure Craft! At Adventure Craft we hunted for bugs. In teams of 2 or 3, campers searched for bugs in a scavenger hunt competition. Following Adventure Craft with Jason we made our way to Arts and Sports where we made wooden crafts for the 4th of July. All the crafts we made came out great! Our special day today was Town Pride Day. It was fun to see how many different towns were in our groups. Although we had a few rivalry discussions on which was better. My favorite moment of the day was the Slip and Slide! The heat was crazy hot today and the slide was the perfect way to cool down. This afternoon we have a double swim. Who doesn’t love a double swim?!?!? The special Day tomorrow is The 4th of July!!! Wooohoo!!! Nobody likes a day off from camp but good food and family will be just as great!

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