White Pines/Badger Knoll Session 1 Day 5

The first thing we did this morning was athletics. At athletics we played dodgeball and handball. It was amazing to see how into the games everyone got. It was so much fun the kids wanted to stay for more! Next, at adventure craft, we made s’mores. Half the group made s’mores while the other half worked on the sites. Halfway through we switched. We had extra graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows so everyone got a second s’more. They were delicious! The special day today was cookout. We had burgers, hot dogs, salads, chips, and lemonade. Everyone enjoyed the food and after we got sundaes. My favorite moment of the day was seeing how into athletics everyone got. It reminded me of when I was a camper. Everyone was a good sport while being able to compete. No special day tomorrow since it is the weekend 🙁 but we were all looking forward to next week!!! Golda conquered another fear today when she learned how to dive off the diving board. It was great to see her conquer her fears! At adventure craft it was great to see Evan, Jackson, and Ben work together to rake the site for the campsite competition. Eric, Elder, and Joseph worked together on the fire pit to make it so everyone can sit around it during lunch!

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