White Pines / Badger Knoll Session 1 Day 8

Today we started are wonderful morning off by playing Sardines at athletics. It’s a exciting game were one person hides and everyone else looks…kind of like a backwards hide and seek. Afterwards we made our way to Adventure Craft where we brought out our inner scientist and made solar ovens with tin foil and card board boxes! We then got to put our creation to work and made S’mores with the sun! This afternoon we have Arts and Crafts. We are all so excited because we will make some sticky, cool, slime for Mad Scientist Day! Our groups favorite part of the whole day was becoming SCIENTISTS! We are also extremely excited for swim later on because its double free swim! WoooHooo! Our kind moment of the day is our whole groups productiveness and great cooperation skills! While we were designing our solar ovens everyone had kind, positive, attitudes to help design the best oven. Our special day tomorrow is Red, White, and Blue Challenge Day! Each camper will get assigned a color and make sure to wear your assigned color so we can compete! Also no need for a lunch tomorrow because we have a cookout following with Sundaes!!!

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