White House Session 4 Day 3

We started the day with arts and crafts where we made ceramic tiles and wood crafts. Some people used wickie sticks to make creatures while others made house type objects with popsicle sticks and glue.  Next at athletics, we played a huge group game of matball. Everyone was able to get involved and it was a blast. The special day today was Pirate Day. We dressed up as pirates and got some booty. The booty was a giant bag of candy that I can tell you was delicious! My favorite moment of the day was throwing a tennis ball around with the campers during popsicles. We had some time to kill before swim and came up with a fun tennis ball game. The special day tomorrow is crazy hair and socks day. Make sure to get extra crazy with it.Both Max’s get the kind moment of the day. Since it was Max H’s birthday he brought in candy for the group. It was extra candy on top of the booty we got for pirate day! Max M helped clean up the trash that had fallen out of the trash can. Great job guys!

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