White/Badger Session 1 Day 4

Due to the stormy weather, we stayed inside this morning. For White and Badger, there were three stations that we went to throughout the day. The first activity was arts and crafts. At arts and crafts, we made gimp and friendship bracelets with string. Next was arts and sports. At arts and sports we made popsicle stick crafts and played board games. The popsicle crafts came out great! Right before lunch, we went to the 1620 house for ping pong, shuffleboard, and video games. When the rain let up we were able to play baseball, basketball, and ride bikes. After lunch, we were able to go back to the normal schedule. The special day today was camouflage day. Since it rained we were unable to do any camouflage related activities, but it was fantastic to see everyone dressed up. My favorite moment of the day was playing the board game trouble with Golda, Katie, and Bryce. It was a long and intense game that ended with Katie winning. Tomorrow’s special day is cookout. You do not need to bring a lunch, if you don’t want to. Salads, burgers, hot dogs, and chips will be provided during lunch for anyone who wants. There will also be sundaes after lunch!!!  The kind moment of the day was when Miranda helped out other campers make crafts during arts and crafts and art and sports. Another great moment of the day was playing gaga ball after lunch. Since the rain let up, we were able to play games and get out some of the energy that built up from being inside all day. Overall, it was still a great day!

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