Welcome to Our New Blog!

Hello everyone and welcome to our new Blog Section- The Directors Blog.  We want it to be a way to keep in contact with our families, campers, and alumni.   It will be a place where the directors of Pilgrim Day Camp will post throughout the offseason to discuss all things camping such as:

  • fun updates on staff and campers
  • new programming
  • benefits of outdoor education
  • all things camp
  • things to do with your campers in the offseason
  • Winter and Spring camp session updates
  • Posting old pictures and videos
  • and so much more!

We want to stay connected with you all see leave us a comment below to start a dialogue on what you would like us to talk about and post.


In the meantime, we do have one exciting announcement that some of you may have read on Facebook. We have added a new section called ADVENTURES at PDC. We are expanding the best things about camp into the fall and spring months.  Do you have a girl scout or boy scout troop that needs to earn a badge?  We can help you achieve it! Are you sick of the office life, and need to get outside with your co-workers to reinvigorate the team?  We can do some awesome team building and ropes course to get your group out of the office life funk.  Check out the main page here: Click Here to Learn More!


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