Shady Woods Session 3 Day 5

One thing we did this morning was play dodge ball at athletics. There was a series of many intense games of doctor dodge ball. Today the kids made sundaes as they do every Friday after the cookout. They get to choose between chocolate and vanilla and there choice of toppings. Today’s special day was cookout day, during this day the kids are made burgers and dogs by the directors. Later in the day they are served ice cream sundaes. My favorite moment of the day was during Project Adventure when all the campers got together to complete a series of tasks. It’s good to see all the kids getting along. The next special day on Monday will be Opening Day for PDC Olympics. All kids will be assigned a team and compete in activities throughout the week seeing which of the 4 teams will win. Brave camper moment goes to Kaylin who got stung by a bee, but she went to the nurse after and had a fun rest if the day. Kind moment of the day was when Eden helped pick up dodge balls after athletics. After most of the kids already left the cage she was one of the few who stayed and helped clean up.

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