Shady Woods Session 1 Day 5

This morning we our daily swim lessons. Then after that we headed over to athletics and played dodgeball with Chaz, where the kids had fun trying to be the team that wins. Today the kids made sundaes. They got to choose toppings and what ice cream they wanted. The special day today was cookout day. We had hamburgers and hotdogs in our site and enjoyed some sundaes later in the day. Favorite moment of the day was when we played dodgeball with the kids. It’s fun to be playing with the kids and seeing them also enjoying playing with us. The special day tomorrow is nothing because it’s the weekend and camp comes back Monday for week 2. Todays brave camper was Courtney. She hurt her leg in the peanut butter pit, but came back to have fun for the rest of the day. Todays kind moment of the day was when Jordyn gave sunscreen to Kevin when he didn’t have any. Today was also a hot day so having sunscreen was a must. We had a cookout and sundaes today. The kids enjoyed the ice cream and the food.

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