Maple Ridge Session 1 Week 1

This morning the group had our first free swim of the summer. The sun came out at the perfect time for a nice dip in the pool! The kids worked on clay pots today at Arts or Sports, and we hope to finish them tomorrow! My favorite moment of the day was enrichment because we got to play Gaga ball, a crowd favorite for sure. Being the first day of camp 2018 It was great to watch the reuniting of old friendships but also great for all the kids who were brand new campers at Pilgrim! It took a little adjusting but new friends were made and by the end of the day there were smiling faces by all. Some of the kids who are familiar with archery helped out the ones who had never done it before, which was really nice! We had a fun battle with another group Pine Notch at lunch about our territory and campsite, and we just hope we get a chance to play them in some dodgeball soon. Can’t wait to spend the summer with you Maple Ridge! Get ready to have fun!

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