Rocky Ridge Week 7 Day 5

This morning at Athletics we had a intense game of gator ball during which star pitcher Chaz under performed his team due to his coffee being spilled prior to the opening pitch, thrown by our special guest Stephen.  Today at Adventure Craft we made a mess of the area with our egg toss, one handed newspaper challenge, and other fun little challenges. We had a great time at cookout today. Our directors grilled us up a heaping tray of hot dogs and burgers. But what really made it a fun day was the sundae that followed. Our favorite moment of the day was during first swim when Patty let all of us use the floating slide. Nick and Patty held the ropes from the side of the so the slide did not move when we jumped on it. After we were done we snuck up behind Nick and pushed him in the pool! Tomorrow is Saturday! Remember to not come to camp and have a great weekend.

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