Rocky Ridge Session 4 Day 3

One thing the group did this morning was play a crazy amount of basketball and ping pong at the 1620 house. The kids made globes, masks, fuzebeads, and painted at Art and Crafts. The special day today was Pirate Day. Captain Nick and his swashbuckling sidekicks made an elaborate treasure hunt for the whole group to participate in. After hunting and searching through all of the campus we plundered a big bad of candy! Favorite moment of the day was when Nate won knockout at 1620 despite still being in a boot for his hurt foot. Special day tomorrow is Crazy hair and sock day!!! Brave camper shout out goes to Samantha for trying out a sour patch kids warhead even though she doesn’t like sour candy. She enjoyed it! Kind moment of the day goes to Andrew for hanging out with his buddy Luke during swim since Luke was unable to go in due to his broken hand. A funny story about today was that Nick gave us a riddle that he promised to tell the answer to us after swim. After swim he was gone and replaced by Stephen! Guess we’ll have to wait till tomorrow!

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