Rocky Ridge Session 3 Day 4

This morning we had a fun and relaxed start to the day at 1620. Some of us played basketball, other rode bikes, and the rest played some throwback video games. Today at adventure craft the kids made cool leather crafts as well as finished up a sign for their campsite. Today’s special day was favorite sports team day. We antagonized Yankees fans and took pics with all our friends and counselors. Favorite moment of the day was at Arts and Crafts when we were able to make slime and play with it. Everyone was working together and having a good time with the slime. We also all managed to stay clean! Tomorrow is cookout. Don’t forget that you do not need a lunch! Brave camper shout out goes to Nate Mason for sticking with the program all throughout his injury. Hope Kayla’s driving on the golf cart did not scare you too much! Kind moment of the day is when Gordon and Liam volunteered to pick up trash left behind by previous campers. Something funny that happened was that we hoisted Nick up in the flying squirrel and then didn’t let him down all the way so we could spin him around in the air like a pinata while he yelled at us.

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