Rocky Ridge Session 3 Day 3

This morning we had awesome games of lacrosse and soccer going on at athletics. When we got tired of that stuff we moved down to mini golf. At lunch we continued making our fort, it now has rope reinforced walls and is rapidly growing. The special day today was fiesta day. We had a blast stuffing and breaking our pinata. We enjoyed nice chips and salsa snack today too! Favorite moment of the day was seeing how dizzy everyone was trying to hit the pinata. Luckily our counselors took careful precautions to make sure no one got hit by a dizzied camper. Tomorrow is Favorite Sports team day. Don’t be afraid to wear non-New England teams…We Don’t Judge! Brave camper shout out goes to Irene who put her best foot forward in trying to learn how to ride a bicycle. She did not get frustrated and kept getting on the bike! Kind moment of the day was when Irene’s friend Angela helped her ride the bike. Angela was great at coaching her and keeping her calm while spotting her friend to make sure she didn’t fall. Great work girls! Funny story from today was when Nick attempted to teach us how to scoop a lacrosse ball with his dated lax skills. He tried to tell the campers to “punch the ground and answer the phone” when scooping, which no one understood. When attempting to demonstrate he was unable to do it and slipped on the wet grass!

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