Rocky Ridge Session 3 Day 2

This morning we had athletics with Jason. Jason lead us through a circuit of volleyball, ultimate basketball, and dodgeball. The kids crates and stained wood burnings from previous days at Arts or Sports. Today was tattoo Tuesday. We had plenty of cool tattoos ranging from dinosaurs to Marvel Superheros! Favorite moment of the day was when Nate Mason decided to commentate the soccer game at athletics because he was unable to play due to his leg injury. The special day tomorrow is Fiesta Day, we’re going to have pinatas!  Brave camper shout out goes to Brady for not liking dinosaurs but still getting a dinosaur tattoo so he could match with his buddies. Kind moment of the day goes to Natalia for decorating Nates crutches to make them seem more fun. Today at the pool Patty yelled at Kayla and made her jump in the pool!

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