Rocky Ridge Session 3 8/1

This morning we had a great time at the 1620 house. We crushed Nick in Basketball, destroyed Jason in Ping Pong, and rode alongside Kayla on the bicycles. The kids made paper globes and masks at arts and crafts and painted them after they dried. Today was Tye Dye day! Lots of cool clothing made today! Favorite moment of the day was when Tractor Man Alan gave us a ride up to our site for lunch. Tomorrow is Hawaiian day, wear a Hawaiian Shirt and we’ll have a luau. Brave camper shout out goes to Mia Tel for having a fearless game of dodgeball. Kind moment of the day goes to Gordon, Brady, and Liam for opening their fort to all at lunch. Today During the tractor ride, the tractor died. We were all bummed and scared of what could be wrong with the tractor. Turns out Alan just put gas in the wrong spot.

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