Rocky Ridge Session 3 7/31

This morning we had a crazy rotation of events at athletics. Jason had us facing off against each other in soccer, lacrosse shootout, kickball, and dodgeball. The kids made painted boxes and grids. Today was Olympic Double Dare day. We started off with the Counselor/Camper chariot races in the morning and played a huge game of Double Dare during Olympics. Tomorrow is Tye Dye day, bring something white to dye!  Favorite moment of the day was when Talia won Gaga Ball after wanting to clutch a win all summer. Congrats Talia, hope you have many more wins this summer! Brave camper shout out goes to Chris, Chris didn’t want to use the Woodburners at Arts or Sports because he didn’t want to get burned. After Marie and Kayla demonstrated how to use the burner carefully, he used the burner! Kind moment of the day goes to Amelia for helping her buddy Owen perform Sweet Caroline for our group at lunch today! A funny story about today was during the Chariot Races when the counselors on Sunburnia tried to drag Jason on the tarp and it ripped!!

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