Rocky Ridge Session 3 7/30

Today was the beginning of week 6. We were happy to see old friends reunited and new friendships made.  One thing the group did this morning was go over the ground rules and expectations that we have for the week. The kids made teams for the Olympics this week. They were split up randomly into Pilgrimslavia, Posionivia, Sunburnia, & Nick or Aqua. Favorite moment of the day was during PA when competed as teams. Tomorrow is Double Dare Tuesday, which is the first campwide Olympic event. Brave camper shout out goes to Rahael for trying the tire swings during PA. Good job Rahael, I told you that you wouldn’t fall!! Kind moment of the day goes to Vianne and Angela for giving their friend Irene a great birthday at camp. Happy Birthday Irene! A funny story from today was watching Jason attempt the tire swings and knock fellow counselor Kayla off!

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