Rocky Ridge Session 2 Day 9

This morning we had the option of rotating through the basketball courts with Kayla, Gaga Ball with Anna, and Lacrosse with Nick. Everyone else was practicing for the big show in the afternoon. Today the kids finished up their leather crafts at adventure craft with Jason. Today was talent show day. We had some cool camper talents and some not so spectacular (but funny) counselor performances. Favorite moment of the day was watching our campers perform in Beauty and the Beast. Parents come tomorrow at 1 to watch!! Tomorrow is Carnival Day. Be ready for fun and games, and don’t forget we also have cookout, so no need for a lunch! Brave camper shout out goes to Gordon for playing the titular character “The Beast” in “Beauty and The Beast”. Great Job to you and all your fellow campers! Kind moment of the day was when Nora helped Jack repair his fort that had been destroyed by animals and the storm.

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