Rocky Ridge Session 2 Day 8

This morning the kids had a great time rotating between the Gaga Ball pit, the 9 square arena, and nitro ball arena. Today’s special day was pajama day. We saw some cool onesie’s and some cozy bathrobes as we enjoyed our morning breakfast.  They had eggs and sausage all wrapped up in a burrito with the options of cheese and salsa. Favorite moment of the day was making ice cream with Cait during enrichment! It was really fun to make and the final product was super tasty! Tomorrow is Talent day. Feel free to come with a talent to show off, if not the counselors have some cool stuff planned!

Brave camper shout out goes to Brady, who’s never tried salsa before. He doesn’t like tomatoes but was encouraged by his buddies to put it on his burrito. He thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Way to go Brady!

Kind moment of the day was when Justin, Michael, and Zach volunteered to help out Tom Woods with making a new cornhole set for carnival day!

Funny moment of the day was when Jason was very excited to eat his burrito but he got distracted from his plate and a woodland creature started to nibble on it! He was a little scared but he didn’t wanna waste the food so he finished what was left for him.

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