Rocky Ridge Session 2 Day 7

This morning we had an electric game of racket baseball, where we split up Nick and Chazz’s “dream team”. The kids finished decorating the wooden crates with paint and wood-burners that they assembled yesterday at Arts or Sports. Today was Tye Dye day. We enjoyed Tye Dying our shirts and pillowcases in the shade during Arts or Sports. Favorite moment of the day was when Julia and Natalie taught us all the secret Rocky Ridge handshake that they may have stolen from somewhere else.  The special day tomorrow is Pajama Day. Come to camp cozy! Brave camper shout out goes to Tim for trying out his pitching arm during Athletics for the first time since his spring baseball season ended.  Kind moment of the day was when Liam filled in for Gordon at the play because he wanted Gordon to rest his vocal chords. A funny thing that happened today was Nick confused which color he was tye dying his socks in and they came out pink and purple. We laughed and called his socks girly but he reminded us that its 2018 and pink stuff doesnt have to be assigned the label of girly.

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