Rocky Ridge Session 2 Day 6

We started the morning in the woods at Project Adventure.  We got to work together as we did the dangling duo at Project Adventure. The Dangling Duo is a really cool where two kids have to use their strength and wit to climb a really high structure.  After PA we went to Adventure Craft.  The kids made cool leather crafts and a sign for our campsite at with Jason at Adventure Craft. The girls spilled paint on the sign when they were making it and decided to go along with the mistake and try and work it into the design instead of starting over!

Today we also welcomed a couple new campers in the group and showed them around the site. They were eager to start working on their new fort with everyone. Favorite moment of the day was seeing all the cool woodburnings the whole group made at Arts or Sports. We started to stain them this afternoon. Tomorrow is Tye Dye day. Remember to bring a white T shirt or article of clothing to dye! Brave camper shoutout goes to Emma for going up in the trees on her first day. The kind moment of the day goes to Vianne, who helped AJ decide on a design for her leather craft.

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