Rocky Ridge Session 2 Day 5

This morning we had an awesome period of athletics with Tom Woods where we played the classic “Yoshi” and another modified version of capture the flag.  Our favorite moment of the day was watching Nick and all the counselors get out in our game of capture the tennis ball. Another fun thing we did today was  the kids made a fire this morning at Adventure Craft. Jason taught them how to use flint and steel to make fire out of dryer lint and dried leaves. Now we can be contestants on the show Survivor and win! The special day today was cookout day. We were very happy to eat some nice hot dogs and hamburgers, as well as an ice cream sundae. Brave camper shout out goes to Irene for giving it her all at musical practice even though she wasn’t really familiar with her material. Kind moment of the day was when the girls volunteered to pick up trash that her fellow campers left at the site before we even started eating. A funny story about today was when Jason was making sundaes and thought the whipped cream was all out. He sprayed it once and nothing came out and then to prove it was out, sprayed it on his head! Whip Cream went all over his hair!

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