Rocky Ridge Session 2 Day 4

This morning we had a great time hanging around the 1620 house with Tom Woods. He schooled us on the basketball court while Jason fell victim to our video game skills indoors. Today the kids made great strides in preparing for the upcoming musical “Beauty and The Beast.” Very excited for the finished product! Today was 80’s day. Great day full of neon and campers saying “my mom loves this song.” Since today was 80’s day we watched counselor Anna run and dance and sing to “Dance With Somebody” by the late Whitney Houston. It was funny because while her performance was so passionate we all know she could use some help in the dance departmnet.  Favorite moment of the day was seeing Jason walk around with a fanny pack ,vest, and tye dye shirt all day to show spirit.  Tomorrow is cookout day. No need for a lunch. Ice cream sundaes after too! Brave camper shoutout goes to Mike Abrams for trying out a new gimp stitch at arts and crafts and sticking with it all the way through! When Mike was struggling with his gimp stitch Kayla helped get him back on track!

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