Rocky Ridge Session 2 Day 3

This morning the kids had a good time at the 1620 house. Some of them left to go to the basketball camp we were holding at the lower courts. A couple of us went to Edwards House to work on the musical we are performing at the end of the session, ” Beauty and The Beast.” Today was Water Fun Day. We played tons of fun water relay games that kept us cool. Favorite moment of the day was when Rebecca went undefeated in the basketball shooters game at 1620 this morning! Tomorrow will be Totally Rad Tuesday (we’re aware its Thursday). Wear your favorite 80’s clothes and be ready for some fun counselor karaoke. Brave camper shoutout goes to Brady who decided to pause his basketball game to help the younger kids work on their shots.  Kind moment of the day was when Mayaan hurt her ankle and her friends tried to carry her to the nurse! It was sad to tell them that wasn’t the best method of transportation to the nurse. Counselors took over from there! Today we jammed out to YMCA on the way down to our second swim. It was really funny because the whole group was in on it and everyone was looking at as with jealousy of how much fun we were having.

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